Clupeiformes is the order of ray-finned fish that includes the herring family, Clupeidae, and the anchovy family, Engraulidae. The group includes many of the most important forage and food fish.

Clupeiformes are physostomes, which means that the gas bladder has a pneumatic duct connecting it to the gut. They typically lack a lateral line, but still have the eyes, fins and scales that are common to most fish, though not all fish have these attributes. They are generally silvery fish with streamlined, spindle-shaped, bodies, and they often school. Most species eat plankton which they filter from the water with their gill rakers.[1]

The order includes about 405 species in seven families.

Order Clupeiformes

  • Family Chirocentridae (wolf herrings)
  • Family Clupeidae (herrings, sardines, shads, and menhadens)
  • Family Denticipitidae (denticle herring)
  • Family Dussumieriidae (round herrings)
  • Family Engraulidae (anchovies)
  • Family Pristigasteridae
  • Family Sundasalangidae (Sundaland noodlefishes)



We import for you ocean fish produced in ecologically clear regions only.

Imported production range:

  • Atlantique herring
  • Salaka
  • Kilkee
  • Sardine
  • Sardinella
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